Historically, Americans, i.e. residents of U.S.A. pride themselves as living in a “land of free”. This is based on how this country was populated from immigrants from Europe, who came due to religious and other persecutions to this near virgin land.

A great deals of progress came from three things:

  1. Freedoms for economic growth irrespective of religious, social or ethnic background
  2. Free-enterprise and innovations were richly rewarded
  3. This land was nearly virgin and had a fertile land mass with abundant natural resources needed for economic growth.

In the last few decades the world has changed, however the mentality that shaped Americans has not changed. And this thinking is in conflict with the government sponsored healthcare system under President Obama, derisively called ObamaCare by his  opponents.

Here we will examine the unintended consequences for this push for government sponsored healthcare polices – assuming, as we always do, that it is being done with good intentions.


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