Who Can Contribute/Write Articles for unintended Consequences

We invite everyone –  from regular folks to serious policy wonks.

  1. Regular folks with intellectual with bend who can anticipate unintended consequences  on a variety of issues and
  2. Experts with deep knowledge of a specific subject, who can bring their life-long experience and knowledge to bring their analysis to this complex subject of unintended consequences.


  1. Our goal is to use Unintended.Org to develop a full-fledged Think-Tank that can provide a specialized input to various Government and Non-Government Organizations in their policy interventions with the aim to improve the quality of final policy and its implementation.

Other Plans

To support this site, we are working on two other initiatives:

  1. Develop a Problem Structuring and Idea Generation software using mind-mapping approach
  2. A blogging site dedicated to develop a solutions to complex problems.

Please contact us:
[email protected]