Unintended Consequences of Banning Civil Unions – North Carolina



There has been a constant evolution of marriage as a institution in U.S. and other developed countries, with the result that large number of couples both heterosexual and homosexual are together in a non-formal, though legally –recognized arrangement called Civil Unions.


Intended Consequences

Since civil unions were initially pioneered for the benefit of homosexual couples, conservatives, with motto of God and Family, detest them. Conservative wants to not only strictly define marriage as between one man and one woman, but also ban Civil Unions and other arrangements. The latest move by conservatives in North Carolina to pass legislation banning Civil Unions, so as to deny any benefits to homosexuals


Unintended Consequences

Though the intended consequence of North Carolina legislation is to ban Civil Unions as a way to hurt homosexual, it will have the unintended consequences of hurting over 1000,000 women. These women are abused women, who have won right for compensation and financial support from their ex-partners as these heterosexual relationship has been recognized as a Civil Union.

However, if conservatives succeed in their plans to ban Civil Unions, these abused women will also loose their hard-won right to financial compensation.



A number of human-right  activists have bravely responded to this challenge by developing video clips to beat this divisive, discriminatory, negative and appallingly badly drafted Amendment.  But we need to get on the air with ads like this and the ones posted by EqualityNC and ProtectNCFamilies.org.





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